1000 Lakeside Access Control New Installation


1000 Lakeside faced a common challenge whereby existing occupiers utilized specific card technology, HID iClass. The client required an access control system that can offer flexibility in technology used and a greater level of future proofing to allow it to grow as the demand from the tenants increases, for example partitioning the database to offer individual reporting and administration tools for each occupier. From the practical installation point of view, the client required a very professional installation with very little interruption to the occupiers and the existing high finishing standards.



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Food standard Agency – Access Control Upgrade


Aviation House is a large site that covers 9 floors in the centre of London. It has multiple tenants, with the FSA occupying 50% of the building. Although they had an Access Control System, it was over 10 years old and very basic. There was no capacity with the previous installation for future growth of the site and with maintenance, in mind, not only did we give them an up to date system with GuardPoint Pro software that will allow them to tailor and manage their access control side of the business more effectively. We also relocated equipment and carried out some house keeping  to allow for future growth if  – as required and integration with the fire alarm and other security systems.


Food standard Agency
Thames Water – Speed Lanes


Thames Water is the UK’s largest water and wastewater services company, it is responsible for the public water supply and waste water treatment in large parts of Greater London, Thames Valley, Surrey, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Kent, and some other areas in the United Kingdom. The Head Office required an additional security measure. As upon entry to the building there was no access control until you went into the offices allowing you access to a number of areas within the building. With that it mind we installed 4 bi-directional Speedlanes along with a DDA gate.


Thames Water
ENI (UK) Ltd – Access Control Upgrade


Eni UK Limited is one of the leading producers in the UK offshore oil and gas sector. With their UK office being one of many, spanning over 8 floors. The Access Control system was very old and had many limitations. In addition to this the previous installation which had not been installed by ourselves and lacked reliability and a professional installation. Also with integration in mind and a consideration for a potential system that can allow access across various international sites and technology that would function. We installed the latest Sensor Access Intelligent Panels, that all report to a central stand alone server dedicated for just the Access Control system, with an addition workstation in the security office.


ENI (UK) Ltd