Access Control is essential in managing the movement of people, vehicles or goods in, out and around designated locations, buildings or rooms. It has the ability to only allow access on certain days or times, via fingerprint, retina or number plate recognition or simply by a card. Access Control systems are continuously being developed and can also be integrated into your CCTV for facial recognition or to start recording upon a door forced open or for example, raise an alarm to a central station via your Intruder system.


We are able to install simple one door systems right through to complex multiple doors across multiple floor systems, all administrated by one or several workstations where a database can monitor and control the system itself or alternatively be accessed remotely offsite.


We can install many forms of access control technology, see below for some examples:


  • Proximity Readers
  • Keypad or Keypad Readers
  • Magnetic Locks / Electric Locking
  • Biometric / Retina Readers
  • Workstations
  • Controllers




Sensor GuardPoint Pro Software


Door Controllers


Proximity Readers