Most people are aware of the continually ringing alarm bell through the night that has given Intruder Alarms something of a bad name.


Unfortunately for our industry anyone can purchase a “DIY” alarm system from most High St retailers but these are simply designed for home use and if not installed professionally can and will cause problems.


DankoSec specialises in commercial and some residential installations of Intruder Systems using only the very latest technological advances.


The alarm panels all have digital LCD time and date displays that explain exactly the cause of any alarm that has occurred, combined with automatic self cut out external bell housings that ensure ringing for no more than 20mins and thus complying with the Noise and Pollution Act.


There is such a vast array of Intruder Alarm companies that we feel the market has compromised good quality products for price.


It is not DankoSec policy to install merely on a price basis but instead to ensure the customer has the right system installed at a fair price.


Electronic Sounder


Wall Colour Display


Control Panel